lower price seesaw in Iran

Crude oil prices may get an additional boost if geopolitical tensions in the middle eastern gulf states – namely between iran and its neighbors – rises. earlier this week, news broke that a japanese tanker was attacked in the strait of hormuz, a key geographic point where approximately 20 percent of all oil shipments have to pass through.
Crude oil prices may find themselves oscillating between political risks in iran, leading to fears of a supply shock, and waning optimism over global growth prospects.
Will manhattan land prices seesaw in the wrong direction? one reporter’s (possibly far-fetched) theory on how technology advances could lead to tanking values 100 years from now
Cost of living in iran. cost of living in iran is 55.19% lower than in united states (aggregate data for all cities, rent is not taken into account). rent in iran is 60.54% lower than in united states (average data for all cities).

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